How to write a good article overnight?

Writing an article overnight is something that can be achieved with some good research, planning ahead and being considerate of the audience it is being written for. In many cases it is a matter of knowing what information to include and how to include it with meaning. Once you have a good idea of what to include you can start organizing your findings into an article. The following points are a few factors to consider that may help you create an article in a few hours.

Conduct Enough Research to Summarize Your Topic

Depending on the length of your article you should be able to collect enough information to learn about your topic. You should try to spend a certain amount of time reading and researching elements of your topic so you have a firm idea of what to write about and how to plan your written content when you get ready to start writing. This may include reading other articles on similar subject matter, video content that demonstrates related information and other publicized information.

Know Basic Elements to Include in Your Article

After doing some research you want to start doing process of elimination with notes and data you have collected. Keeping your audience in mind and the overall general idea of the article, you want to start making a list of what to mention or include. This may be anything from statistical data, facts, or other information that will help readers follow you while expressing main points. It helps if you have additional information to add; even if you don’t use it all but you will know if it is needed when you finish your draft.

Write Draft, Revise and Edit

When you have a good idea of what you want to mention it is time to start writing. Develop a strong headline and an informative introduction paragraph. Include additional information about the topic in the following paragraphs while being logic and using short sentences and paragraphs. Conclude your article and go back over your content. Read it through and make changes as needed to make sentences and paragraphs more solid. This is the time to consider adding or removing content. Proofread your final draft and edit when necessary. Pay attention to grammar, word usage, spelling, and overall presentation of content when considering your audience.