Avoid Common Pitfalls While Writing an Article Review

Article reviews are common writing assignments you find in college-level courses in order to improve your own writing skills by identifying components of published writing as well as having you provide a response to it. But not everyone has an easy time writing an article review and you see a lot of the same mistakes come up over and over again.

Here are seven common pitfalls you should absolutely avoid when writing an article review:

You don’t read the article several times

Start simply. Read the article several times. Try reading the article in different ways each time. First read the headlines and section titles. Then read entire article. Then focus on reading just the body sections of the article. Read the conclusion then the intro. Then identify just the topic sentences and so forth.

You don’t create a summary outline

You should start the writing process by first drafting a summary outline of the articles main points for quick reference. At the very least creating a summary outline will help you better understand what the article was about because you are forced to identify topic sentences and key pieces of evidence.

You don’t write an outline of your opinions

Taking your summary outline, write out a point by point outline of your opinions. This will help guide your review by reminding you of where and when the author of the article was accurate and clear in his or her arguments. Include all instances of the author’s contributions to the field, effective writing, and any areas you think the article needs improvement in.

You don’t provide the proper info in your intro

A proper article review should provide all of the important informational details about the original article, such as the article’s title and it’s author. You should also include a brief statement of what the entire article is about.

You don’t summarize the article

It’s important you give your reader a quick summary of all of the original article’s main points and central argument in a concise and clear paragraph in your own words. Refer to your summary outline for accuracy. You should re-read and possibly revise this section several times to make sure you provide a description that is accurate.

You don’t write the opinion portion

Be sure to use the outline of your opinions you created earlier to include a few paragraphs that explain how well the writer addressed the topic at hand. This is essentially what a reader of your review will want to know, so expect that your own writing may come into questions if you don’t express your opinion.

You don’t conclude the review of the article

At the end of your review you should be sure to summarize each of the main points within the main article, in addition to listing your opinions of the main points and how they are significant, accurate and clear in expressing or supporting the article’s argument.