4 Ways to Write a Good Article

When you’re writing an article, your end goal is to gather a supportive audience that’s interested and devoted to your writing. Articles are highly diverse; they can be on a wide variety of topics and from several different angles. When it comes to your articles, you have a lot of important decisions to make. What should the topic of your article be? How long should it be? What is your voice, your point of view? People don’t typically realize that article writing can be extremely stressful, especially when you’re trying to make a successful mark on the blogging world. Luckily, writers that know a few simple tricks can always produce excellent, rich and intriguing articles. Any write can adapt these quick, simple tricks with a little guidance and practice. They include the following:

Catch your reader’s attention.

An article is more than you slapping thoughts down on paper. It’s not just supposed to advise or inform; it’s also supposed to entertain. When you write an article, you want to gain your audience’s undivided attention – and keep it. By using a catchy opening line, a startling factoid or a prying question, you can draw your reader in. By scattering similar facts, pictures, quotes or other interesting details throughout the rest of the article, you can also persuade them to keep reading.

Pick something relevant and interesting.

When you’re writing an article, remember that you aren’t just writing for yourself. You’re attempting to reach the personal interests of your entire audience. When you select a focus for your article, make it something original and intriguing. By choosing a subject area like relationships or politics, you’ll reach a wider and more fascinated audience.

Have everything organized and clear.

This means more than simply having a well-thought out introduction, body and conclusion – though these features are essential to a great article. Staying organized with your article means moving logically into different points, pairing images or examples where appropriate, and basically transforming the article into an easy-to-follow journey. If you keep your article clean, clear and organized, people are far more likely to read until the last word.

Polish and re-read.

If you want your article to really shine, give it some real love and attention. Once completed, run through the entire piece again, checking for errors and revising content to make it both clear and captivating. Writers that edit and proof their work, add in juicy details or take out unneeded points always end up with incredible articles.