How To Compose A Five-Paragraph Problem Solution Essay Within An Hour

  1. 1. Make sure that you read through these instructions at least twice before you start. Then read through the instructions that your tutor has given you, making note of the number of words that you need to use and referencing system.
  2. 2. Choose the problem for which you are going to provide a solution. There may be a list of specific problems that you tutor has provided. Check carefully through any instructions.
  3. 3. If you have to make a choice, don’t choose the one that sounds the most interesting choose the one that you know most about. If you have difficulty have a look online for some examples.
  4. 4. Once you have made your choice, make a few notes about the problem and any quick fix and also long term solutions to the problem. Prioritise the solutions.
  5. 5. Remember that your five paragraphs, will be as follows, Introduction, 3 main paragraphs and the conclusion. The first main paragraph needs to detail the problem and subsequent two, a short term and long term solution.
  6. 6. Introduction. State the problem that you will be targeting, set the scene for how different attitudes and different people can view problems in different ways. Relate to historic problem solving (e.g. Psychology Freudian V Gestalt).
  7. 7. Make sure that you have correctly constructed your paragraphs: first sentence introduce the topic, last sentence conclude and pave the way for the next paragraph.
  8. 8. Next paragraph. Outline the problem that you are going to focus on. Look at it from at least two point so view. If it’s a scientific problem, how would it be viewed by a biologist compared to a chemist?
  9. 9. Next paragraph. Offer a short term solution to the problem. Offer your reasoning behind the solution. What are the positives to this solution and what are the negatives.
  10. 10. Next paragraph. Offer a long term solution to the problem. Offer you reasoning behind the solution. What are the positive to this solution and what are the negatives.
  11. 11. Concluding paragraph. Sum up the main points raised and offer any further advice or information that may be needed. How realistic do you feel your solutions were?
  12. 12. Make sure that you have at least 10 minutes left to read through your work and correct any glaring mistakes whether they are spelling or grammar. Check again and you should now be at the 1 hour mark!