Buying Articles From Freelance Writers is Unethical

If you ever thought that buying an assignment or article, instead of doing the work yourself, was an absolutely abhorrent practice – you are fairly justified. There are many reasons that purchasing an article from a freelance writer could be considered highly unethical. These reasons can often justify students’ decisions to avoid buying articles and struggle through the assignment themselves. Whether or not buying an article is ethical or not will depend on your opinion and moral standing. If you are debating the possibly ethical dilemmas, consider the following issues below. These issues are the main reasons that individuals deem article writing as unethical.

It’s Dishonest

It’s pretty obvious that if you aren’t the one writing the article, then it’s not exactly fair for you to get credit for it – right? It’s one thing to have ghostwriters compose work for you, but it’s another thing to take a grade or a paycheck for something you didn’t do – and are completely pretending you did. This is one of the primary reasons that buying an article is unethical. It’s a complete lie to anyone reading the article, be they teacher, employer or everyday reader. When you buy articles from freelance writers you’re pretty much taking credit for someone else’s work, and changing people’s opinions of your writing, without any credibility.

It’s Harmful to Your Academics or Career

While some people may find this reason far less unethical than the overall dishonesty, it is still a moral disgrace in many ways. If you’re writing the article to fulfill academic requirements, then it’s unethical as a student. You’re turning in work that is not a true reflection of the your capabilities. If it improves your grade, then you’ve literally lied to your teacher in order to boost your academic standing. This lie will carry over into college and all other areas of life. If you’re buying an article to fulfill a job requirement, you literally risk losing your entire career over a falsified article.

It’s Risky and Irresponsible

The last reason that article purchasing is a poor choice is simply this: it is reckless, irresponsible behavior. You can risk your job and your reputation. You can end up turning in low-quality work that gets the job done, but ends up causing more problems than it solves. Before you decide to purchase an article, think of all the people you may possible disappoint, upset, lie to or enrage – including yourself.