Academic tutor providing you with a strong article review

Finding an academic tutor to help in the writing of a strong article review can be a good idea; especially good if it shows you the technique or structure of producing this type of writing. Remember that the best tutors are those with qualifications, experience and, in particular, knowledge of writing article reviews.

But never lose sight of the fact that any tutor will have most benefit for your academic career if they not only help you write a particular essay or paper but also show you the technique and content as well. It’s the old saying that catching fish for someone is good but showing them how to catch fish is better. When you get the hang of article reviewing, then you’ll be free to work alone and produce terrific material.

Your tutor will tell you to concentrate on two things:

  • An analysis of the actual review and
  • Your comments and assessment of said article

What is the review all about? Your review is nothing without the correct answer to this all-important question. Get your analysis spot on. Know the content of the article inside out. Only when you know everything about the article are you in a position to review it.

The best way to be sure of this is to list every point - major and minor - found in the article you are to review. Keep this list on a separate piece of paper or file on your computer. List the points as either major or minor. Double check to see you have included everything. With this list to hand, choose your method or plan of attack.

Do you support the points in the article? If not, why not? Remember that you are not writing an essay but a review. You must stick to the topic and you must address the points in the review.

This is no place for fence sitting. You can’t be wishy-washy. You either agree with the points in the article or you don’t. This is the writing aspect of your review. This is where you can get valuable assistance from your academic tutor. Have you commented on all the main points? Have you made your opinion crystal clear?

There is an art to article reviewing. Talk to your academic tutor about this art. You have a specific set of rules to follow. Keep to the subject and make sure your opinion is easily understood.