I Need to Compose an Article Review in 1 Hour

When you only have 1 hour to compose your article review you must work quickly! Hopefully you have already read the article and you are ready to get your review written starting now. This guide will help you go through the steps quickly yet efficiently so you can still produce a high quality review even though you will accomplish it in a relatively short time.

  1. Read through the article more than once if possible. Glance quickly through the subheadings to get an idea of the focus of the article. Read through the opening sentence and last sentence of each paragraph. Next, read the entire article, highlighting important points or writing down notes at the side so you can find them quickly.
  2. Create a summary of what you have read. Outline some of your main points. Use their research to support your outline. This is strictly what you’ve read and doesn’t have any space for your opinions. Review your summary and eliminate any items that aren’t necessary. Cross out anything you wish to eliminate.
  3. Now make an outline of the opinions you formed while reading the original article. Write down any parts you thought were inaccurate or unclear as well as all the parts you thought were great contributions or effective writing. Use this to create a list that includes both strengths and weaknesses. Use specific examples to back up your claims.
  4. Your review should start out by listing the title of the article and its author.
  5. Your review should summarize the article, using the main points but in your own summarized words. Use the outline you created to do the writing. Take several paragraphs to do this or however long your instructor assigned. Read over your summary and make sure it’s accurate and well organized.
  6. Write the next section of your review, which is the opinion section. Using the outline you made, fill in the blanks and create this part of the review. Use some sentences to back up your opinions.

Finish the article review with a well-written conclusion. It should summarize the main points of the article as well as the main points of your opinions. You may also consider including some comments about further studies, discussion or research which could be done in the field to add to the article or to fill in any loopholes in knowledge.