Websites That Pay For Articles Risk Getting Reusable Content

It is true that websites that pay for articles could get reusable content from the writers but the question that should be asked is if the websites are at risk of receiving plagiarized or copyrighted material from writers who are not writing their own work. This poses a danger to the website owners who post these articles on their websites because they put themselves at risk of being sued by the original authors of the articles. If a website owner wants to purchase articles from a writer, he needs to ensure that the articles are not plagiarized and he can do this by downloading Copyscape to his computer so that he can cover himself. The article writers should do their part by writing original work and being careful not to use anything that is copyrighted.

Consequences of Posting Plagiarized Content On Your Website

Not only could you be sued for plagiarism and copyright infringement, but you lose credibility as an authoritative source of quality information. It is difficult to sue the writers you bought the plagiarized material from if you do not know the name or address of the online article writer so this is another consequence. Another consequence is that it sours your attitude towards all online independent writers and you start to wonder if all online writers are deceitful, which is not the case.

A Word To All Article Writers

When websites purchase material from you, it is your duty to not only write the kind of articles that the client wants, but it is also your responsibility to write 100% original work and if this means that you have to do extra research, then it needs to be done. The facts in your articles must also be checked for accuracy because it is wrong to put your own opinion in an article unless it is an editorial. Integrity is becoming rare in the journalism world and you want to be a writer with integrity.


As the Internet changes the way articles are distributed to people, there needs to be a new set of journalism ethics as it relates to online journalism without stifling the freedom of writers and editors to express themselves in a meaningful way. Website owners can encourage this creativity and integrity by giving assignments that enable writers to create original work.