20 Great Argumentative Essay Topics For Junior High School Students

Your argumentative essays must grow lot of enthusiasm in the mind of readers to have excitement when they go through your research papers. 20 great persuasive essay topics will help students to write interesting content to establish their own views. Your persuasive content must give new ideas and information to boost up students to think in a different way. High school students should have strong arguments to participate in the debates. So, their topics for writing persuasive essays must be relevant to showcase the main issue and theme of the write-up vividly.

List of 20 Argumentative Essay Topics to Select

  • All parents need to attend parenting classes before having a child.
  • Co-education pollutes environment of education
  • Students are responsible to prevent bullying in schools.
  • Cyber bullying is not punishable
  • Teachers should not use social media to communicate students
  • Influence of internet on students is always negative
  • Partial birth abortion should be legal
  • Every student should perform arts course.
  • Homework must be banned
  • No restriction on dress code at schools
  • Online education deteriorates quality of learning
  • The legal drinking age should be below 18
  • Online dating is permissible in schools
  • Academic course work should be abolished
  • Social media and you tubes should not be accessible to students
  • School authority should not permit students to go outside for lunch
  • Human cloning must not be supported
  • Usage of smart phones must be banned during exams
  • Grading systems must be removed from schools
  • Students must not be alcoholic

When you argue, you must have energy to showcase all possible reasons to satisfy your comrades by offering strong facts. You must be cunning to apply different tactics and mechanism to outperform your rivals. In the persuasive content, arguments and counter arguments take place. Students need to opt for the specific role to support or go against the topic. For instance, is online dating permissible to students while studying at high schools? This topic is very hot and interesting. At puberty level, both boys and girls showcase their intention to go for intimate relationship. However, students can be diverted if they are allowed to date online. Now, decide whether you support online dating or you have something different to protest against this new trend. Online research materials and different incidents will surely influence you to write this type of popular argumentative essay. Simultaneously, you must not lose patience and use some provocative terms to make the persuasive write-up substandard. Tune up yourself and try to make your argumentative essay much relevant, informative and research oriented.