5 Tips for Writing an Article Review

An article review, in many ways, is the simplest form of writing. It’s one of the only writing tasks where you don’t have to worry about being impartial. You can give your honest, unbridled opinion on an event, product, argument or other issue without worrying about being ‘incorrect.’ However, great article reviews require more than simply shelling out opinions. To write a truly excellent, professional article review, writers should carefully follow these few simple, but necessary steps:

1. Be honest

An article review focuses on your opinion; therefore, don’t be afraid to say what you really think. At the same time, beware being too harsh or too lenient; such gestures may damage your credibility and destroy the integrity of your article. Explain your honest experience or opinion in a respectful way. Don’t hide anything. It’s up to you to fully educate the reader so don’t back down!

2. Give reasons

It’s not enough to say you liked or hated something – you have to evidence to back up your position. This evidence has to palpable in the larger world. You can’t disapprove of a restaurant just because they serve tomatoes, and you don’t happen to like tomatoes. Your reasoning should be sound and applicable to a wider audience. Give good, solid reasons to support your opinion, and people are more likely to trust it.

3. Be knowledgeable

Would you trust a dentist’s opinion on your car trouble? Doubtful. Whenever you undertake an article review, make sure you have some experience or education in the area. This will not only make the article review much easier to compose, but it will communicate your credibility to your reader. Never write an article review unless you know what you’re talking about. Otherwise, you could end up looking pretty foolish.

4. Have a conclusion

You need to make sure your review ends on a nice, clean note. Provide a clear, concrete opinion on your subject of review: Is it efficient? Do you approve/disapprove? What is your overall position on the matter? After so much writing, it’s nice to have a conclusion that sums up your general opinion in a clear and concise way.

5. Proof and edit

Any writer that publishes work riddled with grammatical and spelling mistakes – whether their professionals or not – is asking to get laughed at. Encountering an error in an article review can discourage even the most avid reader, leading many to think the article was not thoroughly composed at all. Furthermore, inadequate editing can leave reviews cluttered or disorganized, further dissuading readers. Always got back, revise and improve your article before displaying it to public eyes.