3 Tips For Writing A University Paper

No university student ever has to dread the university paper; especially not where there are so many tips available to make the writing process simpler. Many university students find that their professors require much more specific and technical papers than their high school teachers expected. College freshmen quickly realize with sadness that they cannot call on their professors for help with writing like they could do with their high school teachers, and this makes writing university papers more difficult.

Tip #1: Research

The first tip with writing a university paper is to do your research. The days of “winging it” no longer exist, because university professors expect students to do their research and craft a paper that is full of unique thought. Thorough research helps inspire new thought. Professors want to know that their students can find information and use it wisely, so it is your job to do this. Be sure to save copies of what you found, so you can work with the second step: proper formatting and documenting.

Tip #2: Document

The second tip for a good paper at the collegiate level is proper documenting and formatting. The formatting is usually dependent upon your major. If you are studying language arts, you will most likely use MLA style. If you are in a science, you will most likely use something like APA. Many universities use the Chicago Style, too. If your professor does not specifically tell you what style to use, you should check out the course syllabus. Your professor might also require you to purchase a book that provides the formatting and documentation styles. Fortunately, if you have no idea what formatting and documenting is, there are many websites that explain how to do it and why you need to use them.

Tip #3: Process

Finally, the third tip is to use the writing process. High school students learn all about the writing process, with brainstorming, outlining, drafting, editing, and revising. The process at the university level is exactly the same, but slightly more important. Students need to pay close attention to their work because unlike high school teachers, college professors will not allow their students to rewrite their papers. Professors will not give students time in class to work on their papers; they also will not hold personal conference, provide outline forms, or give time for peer editing. In college, you are on your own.