The Use of Print and Electronic Media for the Message and How it Relates to Single Women

Print media refers to the artifactual contents produced by means of printing technology. It is the oldest form of Mass Media. With the advance changes in the use of electronic media and daily reports on its achievements, it is clear that electronic media dominate over the print media.

Basically, words published with ink on paper that is attached in different ways, provides different kinds of education, entertainment and all kinds of information to a single woman in this current very fast developing and globalizing world.

Print Media is on a daily basis searching for a large audience mainly educated single women readers and those who are not used to handle electronic media. The fierce competition from the internet, radio and TV makes it difficult for print media to thrive on the market. More and more electronic-books are bought, news feeds and information is distributed through the internet and the single women becomes more and more attracted to television programs that are not as psychologically tedious as books.

Nevertheless, the newspaper relies on both print and electronic media to disseminate news to its vast audience. While both print media and electronic media attempt to deliver written content, each of these two types of communication must attend to the unique concerns in order to deliver real information to single women. While electronic documents can often be modified via copy-paste options, print media can be interfered with by hand with scissors and adhesives hence easily. The media has a great influence over what the target audience can view and hear and it can have an effect especially on a single woman and the image that they want to portray. The role of media in the development of women and enhancement of their status in the society is very depressing. The media creates a stereotype promoting an image of how a single woman is. Apparently, the media portrays the ideal woman as tall, slender with tons of friends. Doubtless to say, the print media and electronic media mould opinion, thinking, attitudes and behavior of single women in our society.


To sum up, I concede that the media can be influential to single women in many ways. Women living in the 21st century are completely dependent on the media and cannot remove it from their daily routines. It is paramount that women start to differentiate falsehoods from fact when the media is concerned. Until larger guidelines are made for single women, no one, not even the best celebrities can fit the perfect societal ideas that the media are perpetuating.