How Do You Write An Article Review Properly

When you are going to do an article review, you want to write a summary and evaluation of the article that you are reviewing.  Teachers or experts to others in their field usually assign these reviews; you are looking for the theme, argument, and further research that can be done on the topic.  Here are some guidelines that you can use to properly do an article review.

How To Do An Article Review

  • You first want to read over the article several times.  After about the third time that you read over it, grab a highlighter and pen to highlight important sections and take notes on the content of the article.
  • Create an outline that summarizes the main points and arguments and research.  This will help you figure out what you should put in your review and what to leave out.
  • Next write an outline of your opinion on the article.   You can write about the effectiveness of the article, where it needs improvement, and so on.  You can make a list of strengths and weaknesses in the article and use examples and other references to correct wrong information in the article.
  • Refer to the title of the article and the name of the author in the first paragraph of your review.
  • In your own words, summarize the article; make sure you cover the main points and the argument in the article.  This can be done in several paragraphs and the length of your review is up to what your instructor has assigned.  And read over your summary many times to see if you wrote an accurate description of the article that you are reviewing.
  • Now you want to write the opinion part of your article review.  Look over the outline that you made for this part and write a clear topic sentence and then have supportive arguments on every opinion you have on the article.  This section can also be several paragraphs like the summary but you want to make sure how many should do with your instructor.
  • When you are concluding your article review, you want o summarize all the points that you made in the review and your opinion.  You can also add additional information that you might have found that indicates that there might be more research to be done on the subject.  You don’t want to write too much for this section but you want it feel like the review is complete.