The most promising careers for students who will graduate within the next five years

One of the most disturbing fears for many university graduates is looking for a stable job that pays well and has strong career prospects, some careers specialization will be of most benefit to start to a recent grad. In order to help the brand new undergraduates holders find the right path in education, some universities like University of California in San Diego has come up with the fifth annual list containing the most promising careers for the college graduates. In this case, the latest employment in each and every field has growth projection in the occupation between 2010 and 2015, looking at work place surrounding and the middle annual salary in a given area.

The bridge ability factor, a no or a yes decision, based on whether a graduate could bridge into career with one or two years to re-skill or study, Several careers such as pharmacist, nurse and veterinarian are scoring well on most parts of the world, but this can be unobtainable for college graduate who are not trained.

In most cases, almost a half of the careers that are top ten deals with computing and technology, including the top two careers. Although there are two types of software developers-systems and applications, holding the first spot in the international ranking, there is a solely designation of systems software developers as the best career, basing on its strongest wide-term work prospects.

Systems Software -Software Developer

Despite the demand for the application software developers being higher, developers of the system software projection is the best in the employment growth rate whose growth will be 32% by 2015 versus 28% by 2020 for the developers designing applications software as well as higher mean pay of $102,550 almost $ 5000 for the application developer.

Network/Computer Systems Administrator

The criterion that comes in this occupation on the best career list is on average salary of $ 76,320 grouped with a projected growth rate of 28% by 2018. The growth rate increased reliance on technology in every economic sector and in homes will always generate a very strong requirement for graduates who can fulfill the numerous desires of enterprises and users. Currently, the US government report 320,520 systems administrators’ employed, but increase on complexity in security threats and cyber surveillance.

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer system analysts scores very strongly in every area categorized in hot careers evaluation. With over four hundred thousand analysts who are currently employed in the United States, this career is projected to growth experience in demand of 22% by the next five years. With a mean of annual salary of $83,800, this career is among the most highly remunerative work in the list of the best paths in career development.

In conclusion, there are other hot courses that students need to look at in their career development, among them are: Insurance Sales Agent, Public Relations Specialist, Management Analyst, Market Research Analyst/Marketing Specialist, Accountant/Auditor and Elementary School Teacher.