People do spend money until they have nothing at their disposal and they find themselves borrowing from friends, parents as well as their siblings. This situation is pathetic and thus people with this habit need to consider some of the following factors that will lead to reduction in the level of spending too much money.

  1. Confess that you squander a lot as well as imagine about why you squander
  2. A lot People spend a lot for different reasons. Some get addiction of spending much on shopping or drugs. This would lead to debt with difficulty in repaying back and at the same time fault will be inevitable since one feels shame of spending without controlling themselves.

  3. Set a target of how much you really wish to save
  4. Save any amount depending on the capacity and keep the pledge, Anytime excess cash available, saves them and avoid unnecessary spending, on the daily needs, spending on those relevant basic needs would lead to good cash management and thus avoid impulse buying during a normal working day. (Dunne) People spends a lot of money not because they are poor in cash management but due to the fact that they luck proper budget of what to buy and how much to spend.

Too much spending majorly happens when all the cash is in one wallet. The side effect would thus drive a person to use the huge sum of money he or she poses at their disposal to have an impulse buying. Too much money is good if people spend them wise, not all people are extravagance and thus too much money can lead to ideal living standard, improved healthcare, better education and improved economic growth of a country since, gross domestic product of an individual will be high leading to high per capita income hence high economic growth.


Too much cash can either be good or bad. It is bad in the sense that people with poor cash management will spend the entire money on unnecessary goods or even leading to immorality and thus an individual need to consider on how best the little funds at their disposal is manage .This will avoid the negative effects of too much money. Too much money is ideal only where a person spends such funds wisely.