The Life of William Shakespeare 

William Shakespeare has become the gold standard of all theatrical writing today. Due to the popularity of the plays that he wrote as he lived in England over 400 years ago, they are taught as classics in schools all over the world. However it is the overall themes that Shakespeare captured in his plays that were representative of the overall human condition which made his plays stand the test of time. However his life was not really documented when he was alive and he was only considered a real celebrity because at the time actors and writers were held in quite low regard. However despite this humble beginning, the work of this remarkable man have survived to affect lives today many years later.

His Life

It is believed that Shakespeare was born to common people in the year 1564. His father was not a poor man and for much of his life he was on the town council. It is at this location that it is believed that Shakespeare got his first taste of the theatre as all plays needed to gain licensing and be performed before the town council before they were able to perform for the world.

He received the basic education at that time which allowed for much of the language and writing style that was found in the plays that dazzled the audiences and readers alike. He was married at 18 to an older woman named Ann Hathaway and they had three children. Then there was a time when not much is known about the life of Shakespeare. Many biographies have been written and they have speculated in many different ways about the life of the man, but there is only one thing for sure, that whatever activities he was up to were helping him to create some of the best literature in history.

Then his story can be followed as he reappeared in London around the year 1590. He was creating a reputation for himself as an actor and a playwright. It was over the next twenty five years or so that his plays started to gain notoriety. As the themes of jealousy, family honor, revenge and societal behavior, attached themselves to the imaginations of people. He wrote, comedies and dramas which captured the imagination of many. A man from a common background who is more well known in the world today than any of his contemporaries.


William Shakespeare was an English writer who created some of the most famous and well loved plays ever. His themes of love, romance, revenge and rage, were themes that apply to all societal situations today. William Shakespeare was married and had several children but it is believed that he does not have any direct heirs left today.