8 Easy Yet Effective Exercises To Improve Essay Writing

For many people essay writing brings in the challenge of creating a sensible and worthy essay. Those who keep writing essays get stuck in the formula of repeating the same concept every time. So what are the best exercises that could help improve one’s essay writing skills? Let us discuss here.

  1. Brush up on the basics: understand the basic principles of writing first before starting to write on an incredible topic. Learn the basics of grammar and spelling as well by taking help from books and the internet.
  2. Read extensively: the best writers in the world are keen readers and they keep reading on a regular basis, to enhance their writing skills. Expand horizons, diversify reading and read challenging material with keen focus on its word choice, sentence structure, quality of material etc.
  3. Read other’s work: reading other’s essays would help in molding one’s writing style subconsciously. Try reading range of essays by others in a variety of subjects, different disciplines and different styles and arguments. Wider one reads, there are more possible techniques to pick up some and use in one’s own essay.
  4. Build up vocabulary: make use of thesaurus and dictionaries. A good vocabulary allows one to express their minds as concisely and clearly as possible. One good characteristic of any essay is the economy of the words used and rambling points would never grab the attention of the readers.
  5. Develop an argument on the essay: as one progresses with the essay they should focus on making use of the language effectively so as to build an argument to build up a sentence structure. Avoid repeating words and vary the language accordingly.
  6. Elevator pitching the essays: elevator pitch is a technique used by salespeople when they condense the arguments in persuading people on why they should consider the purchase. Elevator pitching the essay should sell the idea of the writer to the reader, and this could be accomplished only by ruthless choice of words and effective writing.
  7. Making use of online sources: there are a number of online sources that could be used in correcting grammar, plagiarism etc. it is possible to perform grammar and spell check for the essay with google docs as well, which are healthy tools that help in crafting a perfect essay.
  8. Write in English everyday: practicing to write in English everyday could result in a significant improvement in one’s writing style.