The Impact of Hip Hop Music

Hip hop music has been a part of our society since the 1980s. It was names such as Run DMC and Sugar Hill Gang that first introduced this new genre to the world. It was nothing new to the African American community, however, as the history of hip hop music dates back to times of slavery when rhymes would be put to beats to describe the horrific conditions the slaves were being subject to. Hip hop music has vastly changed over the years, but is one of the most celebrated flavors of music out there. It is also diverse, and no longer a musical genre that appeals only to the African American community. What has the music of hip hop done to the world as we know it?

A Positive Impact

Although many people beg to differ, hip hop music has many positive attributes in which it brings to the world. It is a form of art, a way for an individual to express themselves and the life that they know. Hip hop music is great to dance to, music that can make you feel good, and for many, music they can relate to.

Hip hop music can bring so many positive impacts into the world. This includes:

  • Political Awareness: People listen to their music, and many songs of hip hop nature aim to promote political awareness.
  • Respect: Respect has been something long lived in the hip hop community. Although some of the hip hop songs that are out there are not always talking of respect, many do.
  • Hip hop artists serve as role models for the youth of today.
  • With hip hop music you can express your thoughts and feelings without acting upon the words

The Bottom Line

Hip hop music has made many positive impacts on the world and for our future generations. Many people give it such a bad reputation when it should not be given this in all reality. Hip hop music is simply a creative expression, a way that people used to relieve themselves of their burdens when there was no other way for them to do so. Rather than judge the music people who are opposed should take a look at the positive ways that hip hop music can contribute to our society. It is not all bad as many want to think and hip hop music has made many changes and lives.