Building Up Pro-life Abortion Argumentation

The abortion debate is a common topic for essays; it inspires very strong feelings on both sides of the argument, and takes in a number of social issues ranging from personal liberty to religious freedom. If you’re assigned an essay on abortion you may be told which side to argue for or allowed to advance your own opinion. In either case, if you’re arguing the pro-life case this short guide will give you some discussion points that will help to put forward a winning argument.

  • Right to Life. Proponents of abortion often talk about the right of women to control their bodies, but is this really more important than the right to life? A foetus is a human life, and it has a right to live that life. It’s not legal to deliberately kill people once they have been born, so why should it be legal to kill them before they are born?
  • Health Risks. Abortion can lead to a variety of health risks. These include an increased danger of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancies in the future as well as a rise in the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease. When discussing health risks be careful not to claim that abortion leads to an increase in breast cancer, because the evidence says that this is not true. Similarly don’t mention “post abortion syndrome,” which no clinical study has ever found to exist.
  • Democracy. In many countries abortions can be paid for out of public funds. As a large number of taxpayers in all countries oppose abortion, these people are being forced to pay for a procedure they disagree with.
  • Better Options. In cases where it is unreasonable to expect a woman to have a child, such as pregnancies which result from rape or incest, there are alternatives to abortion. The “Morning after pill” can prevent pregnancy from occurring if the crime is reported early enough. These women can also have the baby then offer it for adoption, although it may be necessary to give them support for mental health issues caused by the pregnancy. In any case it is unfair to punish an innocent child for the actions of the criminal who made the woman pregnant.

It’s best to focus on these practical and moral objections to abortion; citing religious objections will open you up to the charge that you are trying to force your religious views on everyone else. It’s not necessary anyway, because the points given here are enough to make a convincing argument against abortion.