List Of Unique Argumentative Essay Topics On Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of those emotive subjects that is up there with rape and torture. It seems incomprehensible to civilized persons that there are people out there whose sole aim is to profit from the misery and misfortune of others. Far from being someone else’s problem, human trafficking is now happening in the big cities of all developed countries and seemingly innocuous houses in suburbia are being used to house those have been trafficked. Far from being unique to one country, this is now a global problem.

It is hard to see an argument in favor of human trafficking – Good luck, if you think that you can pull that one off! The challenge is in attempting to come up with a list of unique argumentative essay topics on trafficking. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry as I have come up with several for you:

  • Is there a difference between this and smuggling? Is one more profitable than the other? Is one more ethical than the other?
  • The crisis in the Mediterranean. Should the onus be on the Southern Mediterranean countries like Italy and Malta to process and deal with these migrants? (On the basis that protocols and agreements state that is the responsibility of the state or country that the migrants reach) Are other European countries failing in their duty?
  • What more can Britain and France do to combat trafficking given the tensions in Calais? Should Britain make the port of Dover a militarized zone?
  • How can border agencies identify those migrants that are being trafficked as opposed to those that are simply attempting to enter illegally of their own free will?
  • Once in the country, what can ordinary citizens do to spot signs that someone has been trafficked? Are there any warning signs? Should communities be more vigilant?
  • Is human trafficking helped and aided by the fact that we don’t know our neighbors in the same way that we used to?
  • Are the sentences for those convicted tough enough? Should there be a global policing policy on this?
  • What are the root causes? Would pouring money into North African countries do anything to help this?
  • Do we treat people who have been trafficked fairly? Should they be automatically granted asylum and given new identities or should they be treat the same as other asylum seekers and deported?
  • Would treating them differently simply serve as an incentive to the traffickers?
  • Good luck with your essay on this challenging subject. I hope you have found these topics useful!