Legal Articles: Never Copy from Online Sources

A number of different situations require legal articles to be obtained. This includes for placement on a blog, for use inside of law school, for presentations and more. Regardless of the reason for the article, creating it can take quite a bit of time. Plenty of research must be put into compiling of facts, stats and figures, and ensuring this information is accurate is a must. This means an extra step of verifying information is underway.

Online Legal Articles

This leaves many people tempted to cut out the hard work and simply use something they’ve found online. Why not? It eliminates all of the hard work of writing a legal article, helping you regain lost time while also earning a good result with the paper. Simply read over the article that are there, select those that you like the most and copy and paste into your office software. A little editing here and there and your work is done! Sounds like a charm, but is this something that you really want to risk?

Tons of different sources offer legal articles and you can certainly find plenty of great stuff out there. But using these articles could cause serious consequences, including legal troubles. You should never, ever, ever, ever copy an article that you see online. Ever!

Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Legal articles online were written by someone else, therefore they are the property of this individual and may not be reproduced without permission
  • Even with permission the work is likely to show up as plagiarized if ran through a checker.
  • Articles online may not pertain to your exact needs and specifications. This could result in inaccurate information being presented.

Plagiarized and copy written material can cause a great amount of turmoil in your life. It can even lead to court actions being taken against you should the person whose content you took chooses to pursue these charges. It is never worth the risk because it is far too simple to detect material that is not original.

By using the work already found online you are also losing out on the chance to learn a plethora of information that could very well beneit you in future endeavors. Should there be questions, test, exams, etc., you will posses the knowledge needed for success. Handing over work you’ve copied from the internet provides no value whatsoever for future work or question and answer services.