Top 4 American Government Research Paper Topics


Education has become a necessity in the world that we are living in. Although it is one of the things that are needed by people, it is not easily affordable. The people of America are finding the necessity just too expensive. While researching about the American government, one would opt to find out why education is so expensive and the ways that the government can come in to ensure that every one can have access to knowledge.

Unemployment rates

With everyone complaining about unemployment, the government has made an effort to try and reduce this. Although critics say that the government is not doing enough, a researcher would try and come up with ways that will help in the curbing of the unemployment rates. Some employment requires that a person has formal education; it is something that has seen those who have not been able to afford the cost of education is unemployed.


It is one of the things that almost relates to the American culture. Although the constitution of America allows for the freedom of religion, religion has always been an issue to the American society. It has been widely debated about that has seen even the presidential contenders and campaigns find religion as an issue. The religion affiliation of a candidate is something that has led to the difference when it comes to the polls.

The American government

The basic systems of the government are what have always generated interest to the people of America as it is what has helped them understand the way that they are governed. The American constitution and the political standing is something that can be researched upon to help in the shedding of more lights to the issue.

The grants of the American government, the economic systems, wiki leaks, government programs, military systems and the government policies are also some of the topics that can also be researched about American government.