How to Cope with Writing an Article Review

So you’ve been handed an article and told to write a detailed and analytic review of it. What comes next? If you’re concerned about how to proceed, have no fear. The following is a list of tasks you can undertake to easily complete your article review.


The presence of distractions can make it easy to miss a good point that would otherwise be obvious. Keep any background music to a minimum and turn off any devices that are likely to divide your attention. If there are people around you who may try to distract you, explain your need for privacy or excuse yourself and go somewhere secluded.


When you first begin reading the article, don’t think too deeply about it. Just read it as if you had no other motives. If you see something you absolutely need to make note of, go ahead, but the main purpose of your first reading should be to go through the piece on a shallow level. On your second reading you should approach the article as an academic. Highlight points that catch your eye, jot down possible supporting evidence or counterarguments and try to form connections. Needless to say your second reading will be a much longer process than the first.

Compile your points

After you’ve made the points you will need to organize them so that they flow somewhat. This will help you to pull it all together in the next stage.


From your orderly list of points, begin to put your review together. You may need to condense some points or even separate others as you delve deeper into the material. This is fine.


Once your article review is written, you should take the time to proofread and edit. Leaving in simple errors can reduce the impact of your review considerably and even make you seem like a less reputable source of information. It can also help to have someone else check your review for errors. This is because your brain can get accustomed to seeing a mistake and correct it for you automatically if you spend too much time looking at it.

Like any other piece of writing, an article review is simple enough to accomplish once you follow the right steps and approach it logically. Your review can be completed successfully much more quickly than you think.