Purchasing a Plagiarism-Free Academic Essay


School can be hard and overwhelming but what can you do if you don’t have time to do an essay but do have extra money lying around? You can purchase one.  The internet has become a marketing place for anything you can think of, including buying schoolwork online.  Here are some ways you can make sure you get the right deal for your money.

What to Look For

  • Plagiarism is a punishable offense in all schools, including being expelled, so you want to make sure you use a site that will give you a plagiarism free paper.
  • Do your research; there are so many sites online that it can be difficult to weed out the bad ones.  That is why you should always do your research before you lose your money and end up with a paper that will get you in trouble.
  • Once you find a source that will give you a plagiarize free paper, now you can compare prices and see where you can get the best deal.  Keep in mind that some pay by the word or page, which you would need to take into consideration before you decide.


  • Do the paper yourself; you put in all the hard work to get into the school, so you should do the paper yourself.  How are you going to learn if you don’t do it yourself?
  • Even after you get the paper, your instructor still might find out that you didn’t do it yourself.  Not too many people know this but our writing is like a fingerprint.  That is why when J.K. Rowling wrote under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, everyone still knew it was she from the writing style.  Your instructor might know your writing as well.
  • Just because it says its plagiarism free doesn’t mean that it is, you could still have a paper that is plagiarized and not know it.  You should still double-check it online and read over it before you hand it in.  

The internet has made a market for anything that you can think of including having someone else do your work for you.  This has also opened up more opportunities to writers that are starting out, which I guess is a win-win situation for both parties.  I know you have the drive to write the paper and I think buying a paper should only be used in an emergency and not on a regular basis.  You learn more by doing, this includes academic essays.