Hate Crimes: Against Gay Men

Hate crimes are crimes that are perpetrated by those who deeply hate someone else for a stereotypical reason. Most commonly hate crimes are committed by people who disagree with the lifestyle choices of somebody else. These are severe type of crime, which are severely punished new matter where you live. In fact, some people can in your punishment for a crime but if said crime is considered to be a hate crime punishments will be increased severely and the perpetrator can be charged not just for the act which they committed but also for a hate crime.

One of the most commonly targeted groups for hate crimes in modern America, and of the world are members of the openly gay community. The severity of the situation is high and many officials within the police forces and legislative services have attempted to rectify the situation by more severely punishing those to commit hate crimes. Some of the most common forms of hate crimes might include the traditional methods of graffiti which contains slanderous remarks, inappropriate remarks made in public, destruction of property, or leaving inappropriate markers on the lawn of the victim.

Gay community has often been the scapegoat for the newest era of us hates crimes. In very conservative Southern states in particular people who have come out as gay typically receive threats and strongly inappropriate commentary by their neighbors and even by those that they do not know. In some of the most severe cases the gay community has been the victim of serious violence, which has in some cases resulted in death. Some of the worst cases of hate crimes are those wearing groups target the victim out of sheer ignorance and inability to follow the law that makes this a free country and gather together to conduct gang style violence against the victim.

While the severity of hate crimes particularly against the gay community has been recognized, legislation has only come so far in protecting those who are most often victimized from further acts. Some states have worked with local law enforcement to increase the severity of the punishment for hate crimes, especially those committed against the gay community while others have not placed the serious need as high up on the list of necessary legislation as it should be. There have been gains made, but there is still a great deal more to make.