Writing an Article Review: Suggestions from an Expert

When writing an article review, there are many points that need to be looked at. It is not just reviewing the words, but reviewing everything. To many review just the words, and if they do not fit a certain way, or say what the reader wants, then it is criticized. There is more to reviewing an article than the reader’s point of view, there has to be a structure. This is what will be covered here.

  1. Facts
  2. Style
  3. Coherency
  4. Form


Facts are one of the four most important points of any article. This is why it is so important to do one’s research before writing. No matter what the writer’s view is, they have to be able to back it up. So looking at any article, even an article about a fantasy book, has to have valid facts in it. Just as writing an article about a fantasy book, if the writer does not read the book first, then they can say nothing factual about it, and to anyone that read it, would know quickly. If writing on a subject in science, then the research done in that field, or subject, has to be looked at, and read what was found, and compared to other studies.


Many publications use styles just like any College or University. This is another of the four important points. So if the writer is writing in the style the publisher wants, or in the style they choose, if there is not a prescribed style. It has to follow all the rules. Granted, this does not always include the right/left hand top name and all, or headers, but it will mean that the style is everywhere else. It is not an option, but a must that one consistent style is followed properly.


Another of the four points, is the coherency of the article. Does it stay solid on point? Can the reader follow it with little effort? If it is coherent then even if the article is outside the reader's understanding, they will still be able to follow the writing. They may have issues with some words, but the general comprehension will be there.


An article is just like an essay, in that it follows all the same rules, and form; introduction, body, and conclusion. So the last important point, is how well are these done? Did the introduction grab your attention? Did the body fill you with knowledge and understanding? Did the conclusion, finish the article, and end any remaining open points?