Is it legal to buy article reviews on the web?

It is a very common practice for students to buy article reviews from the web. They do it because they find it hard to write long papers on their own. Moreover the essays and research papers need a lot of search to be done and students find it very tiring. Most of the student’s do not have a very good command of the language so they ask others to do their assignments to ensure good grades. Every student who pays online web writing service agencies has the same purpose and that is to get a good grade in the assignment.

The question however is whether buying article reviews on the internet is legal or not. It may not be ethical to buy article reviews from the web. The reason is that students are supposed to write them on their own and they pay someone else to do it for them. There is however no legal bounding on buying the reviews online. The law has not restricted any such activity though.

Students buy article reviews from the internet because:

  • It saves time
  • Improves the impression
  • It saves efforts
  • Adds value to the paper
  • These papers are written by the experts so it is easy for students to rely on them.

It is quite easy to understand that the process of buying article reviews from the web is by no means illegal. It may be unethical and may not be preferred by the professors but it is legal though. If you are paying to get something done and the seller is agreed upon doing it then there is no law that you are breaking.

Moreover if this was an illegal process then it would not have been available so easily on the internet. It must have been banned and students would have to go through lengthy tiresome chains to finally reach someone who can sell the article review. If there was some lawful binding to the process then it would have been banned on the web.

Teachers and professors do not prefer it because they want the students to learn and improve. This is why they want the students to write the assigned papers on their own. Even if the paper you submit is bought from the web it would be acceptable as long as it is not copied and is written from the scratch.