Ideas For Writing A Synthesis Essay – Top 22 Offbeat Topics

Composing a great synthesis essay requires you to analyze and evaluate information on a given topic and present relationships between components in an organized fashion. Most often, high school students are taught these skills and utilize them throughout their academic careers. The trick in writing a great synthesis essay is coming up with a really good topic. Here are 22 offbeat topics to consider:

  1. 1) Black magic. What constitutes the major components of what is deemed as black magic?
  2. 2) Deep sea exploration. Should countries focus more on deep see exploration or space exploration?
  3. 3) Space exploration. What are the major expectations and implications of space exploration?
  4. 4) Artificial life. What would constitute a true form of artificial life and are we close to achieving it?
  5. 5) Holiday spending. Do people spend too much on items that are unnecessary during the holidays?
  6. 6) Community service. Do you think community service should be mandatory or should it be one’s own choice?
  7. 7) Experimenting on inmates. Do you think medical and pharmaceutical companies should be allowed to experiment on inmates?
  8. 8) Technological warfare. What impact would technological warfare have on the general public?
  9. 9) Video games. How have video games developed in a way that people find this form of entertainment more appealing?
  10. 10) Social media. Find the difference in the types of messages people communicate across different platforms.
  11. 11) Celebrity privacy. How does celebrity privacy differ from the of non-celebrity privacy.
  12. 12) Athletes’ salaries. Do you believe athletes’ salaries are fair in terms of the amount of wealth they generate for advertisements, television companies, owners, etc.?
  13. 13) School loans. Are school loans so high today that they essentially will never be fully paid off borrowers?
  14. 14) Physical education. How effective is physical education in keeping youth healthy and teaching them how to be healthy throughout life?
  15. 15) Global warming. What are the major initiatives aimed at slowing global warming?
  16. 16) Reality shows. Do you think that reality shows have gone overboard and are closer to a satire of reality?
  17. 17) Followers and likes. Why are people so concerned about receiving followers and likes across different social media channels?
  18. 18) Presidential debates. Do you think the presidential debates help voters make their final choices on which candidate they prefer?
  19. 19) The Electoral College. Is the US Electoral college system still useful or effective form of deciding the presidency?
  20. 20) Sports and media. Do you think the media hyper-sensationalizes sports in terms of what goes on off the playing field?
  21. 21) The 2nd Amendment. Do you think the 2nd Amendment needs to be modified or overturned in light of increasing gun violence?
  22. 22) Marijuana legalization. Do you think it is time for the majority of states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana?