iPhone 5 Review

The iPhone 5 is a product of Apple Inc. Apple Inc is an American company that is well known for its production of personal computers, computer software and the selling consumer electronics. The release of the iPhone 5 by Apple has led to a lot of people comparing it to the iPhone 4S. Apple has however made a few distinctive changes in the iPhone 5 by including improved and distinct features. The following is a review of some of the distinct features in the mobile device:

A bigger screen

The screen on this mobile device is significantly bigger than the screens on the previous iPhone releases. The white versions of the iPhone 5 are much easier to compare the differences in screen size unlike the black versions. It becomes even harder to see the difference is size if the screens are switched off in the black versions.

One is able to watch TV shows on the iPhone 5 thanks to its 16:9 feature, unlike other iPhones which have a 3:2. The only drawback one might face when watching a movie on the iPhone 5 is the black bars. Other than that, the screen has colors that are more saturated and comes with a built in digitizer.


A lot of people do not have the patience of waiting for apps to upload or waiting for a web page to open. They live a fast paced life and Apple made some improvements in the iPhone 5. They incorporated a new A6 processor. This makes uploading applications and even surfing the web to be an enjoyable experience because of the speed at which the iPhone 5 operates. One can be able to play games, fire up the camera or even take a video in less than a second.


The camera on the iPhone 5 comes with a lens and an 8Mp sensor. The lens is scratch resistance thus your photos will always be clear and sharp. The rear camera has however come under great scrutiny because it takes pictures with a mauve haze but the fact still remains that the camera is still able to take stunning photos and quality videos. Its front camera is a significantly bigger improvement from the iPhone 4 and 4S, which uses a VGA camera.


If you plan to upgrade from iPhone 4 or 4S, you will experience a bigger difference in performance, quality of camera and a bigger screen where you can watch movies, TV or even view your photos with better clarity.