“City of Life” Movie Review From a Social Sciences Perspective

The film brings out a different perception of Dubai which not many people are probably aware. Migrants’ workers encounter hardship and poverty as they try to make a living in the city. Dubai is a city that can either break or make somebody. The movie characters reflect three main components of the City. Ali Mostafa who was a UAE national born to British mother and an Emirati father exemplify lifestyle of three individuals who lived in Dubai. The movie interlinks a story of an Indian taxi driver who look like a Bollywood actor, a rich male of Emirati, and an air hostess who is a Roman. All the three have different dreams and different lifestyles. The movie has focused on various social issues like alcohol, abortion and sex out of marriage which are rampant in the city.

The film also portrays psychological issues in the society by illustrating how characters have different interests, passions and dreams. Firstly, there is the street-style tale of Emirati man who do not have definite dreams or goals and is busy having fun with a friend which is against the expectations of the parents. The second character who is an Indian driver has determination of becoming a famous movie actor at Bollywood. The third story focuses on couples Jason Flemying who is a European guy and Natalya who is searching for companionship and love. Natalie Dormer who is a British actress plays Olga, a Russian air-hostess based on Dubai and who dreams of marrying a wealthy man from Arab.

The film captures the true spirit of residence from Dubai. For example, the Indian driver abandoned his job for a Bollywood career and Natalya had a dream of being a ballet dancer. From their aspirations, it portrays torment and disillusionment since the dreams of the characters’ appear to be out of reach. This represents a state of psychological disorder in the Indian driver because he is unable to determine his potentials. The young man from Emirati holds his family values and but a strong influence from his friends. He must make a decision whether to opt for fast cars and reckless lifestyle or choose to follow his traditions and culture.

In addition, the film depict human services and counseling issues through the life of the young man from Emirati who could not uphold family values, but instead chose lavish lifestyle. The young man required adequate counseling to ensure that he sticks to the morals and pursue his dreams. In addition, guidance is essential for youths such as Natalya who are searching for love and companion. A professional counselor can play a significant role to ease the life of the film central protagonists. Such an individual should try to understand the actual issues that these protagonists’ faces assist them cope with their challenges. The main themes depicted in the film can be analyzed suitably through studying psychology. This discipline will help to understand the society and factors that contribute to change of behavior.