Big Brother is Watching (Google)

Information is synonymous with power in the world we live in today. The main factor that contributes to military victories over their enemies is the information they acquire beforehand. So the fact that Big Brother Google is watching you should not frighten you. You just need to be informed what some people are saying about Google and their private information.

Apart from certain agencies in the US government, Google is the only company that is more interested in your private information. The question you are probably asking yourself is how they do it.

What Google and other websites do is they write a file called cookie to your computer and they use it to identify you. All your information is captured by the unique ID. Most people know all about this and what most do is delete the cookies on their computers so that they can prevent this leakage of information.

Browsing habits, IP address and browser version among other sneaky methods are captured so that the deleted cookie ID can be matched with the new one. The cookie Google is set in your computer’s hard drive and it expires after 2038.

I know this somehow sounds far-fetched. But remember that Google is among the leading developers of quantum algorithm technologies. With this type of technology, it is very easy to recognize data objects and sort them out faster than you can imagine.

It looks like the Google team could be working on a process that will benefit them in terms of reducing the immense database continuously collected into an extremely valuable set of data records about each of us that contains such things as name, email, credit card activity, address, telephone, buying habits, travel habits (using data captured from Google Maps and Google Earth) and more information than you can imagine. They have deployed “live traffic” into Google Maps in part successfully by using GPS data collected by hand held devices moving slowly during traffic jams.

Now the greatest fear internet users have is their information being sold to the highest bidder by Google and others. Today we live in a world that doesn’t care how you access the internet. Whether from your home computer, Smartphone, laptop or a public library, there is no privacy.

In conclusion, having information about individuals has also helped whereby Google has also worked with different security agencies in cases and it has helped in providing information to the FBI in certain cases. It’s up to you to judge whether leaking of information by the Big Brother (Google) is for your own good or not.