Where to Find Reliable Sources for your Article

The process of finding a suitable article to reference may be an ambiguous pursuit and has the potentiality to lead you to some misleading resources. There are various methods to consider when attempting to deduce if a source is reliable for your article. These guidelines should help you wade through potential sources and can be used as an aid while you compile a list of the best sources available. Reliable resources are essential to any article writings because they are the basis of making your article legitimate. Here are some rough guidelines to keep in mind when combing through reliable resources to cite for your article.

Website research

When searching online using a simple keyword search, it is common to find thousands of references available immediately to use as a source. While all sources may seem legitimate upon the first look, it is advisable to inspect each source a little further in order to ensure that the resource is legitimate. One of these ways to determine a decent source is to make sure that you are exclusively use resources with websites that have a non-commercial web address. Some examples to choose from are using sites that end with .org (non- profit), . edu (educational institutions), or . gov (government). These web addresses provide material that is vouched for from legitimate institutions that exclusively cite and use credible sources. Furthermore, using bibliographies from legitimate websites is a great way to find other credible references. By taking these precautions, it will ultimately result in finding the best possible references from the start which will undoubtedly behoove your article.

Other Search Tips

Among other factors of determining whether a site is legitimate or not, it is also important to check and see if the website is up to date in order to weed out irrelevant or outdated information. Especially in regards to scientific journals, new information is always being contributed to the scientific community. It is also a good tip to recognize when a website cites their sources. When a website cites their sources it means that they have done their own research and have weeded out other illegitimate sources, making the process of finding credible sources easier for you. Above all else, be wary of using user-edited sites as a resource for your article. User edited sites are non-exclusive sites that let amateurs add or edit information on a public platform. These are notoriously not accurate resources and may end up in you using falsified information, which will have a negative effect on your article’s credibility. If you are unsure that a website is not legitimate, look to some of these guidelines and mentally check off the list if they follow these rules. Do not make the mistake of basing your analysis off of faulty information.