Important issues in German Politics

Germany is a federal parliamentary republic so there is a multi-party system prevails in the politics of Germany. The parliament of Germany and representative of its regional states adopted the federal legislative power. The multi-party system in Germany is established since 1949 when Germany’s political institute was dominated by Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democratic party of Germany. The political system of Germany was set out in 1949, in the constitution of Germany under the law named as Grundgesetz, and first amendments were made in 1990’s.

These days the political issues in Germany are on their hype. It is very difficult to clearly state that what is exactly going on in Germany politics but you can get an idea by reading this article about the major political issues Germany is facing currently. Officially, Germany was liberated by three big countries of the world i.e. United States of America, Great Britain and France after the world war-II. After getting independence Germany made its first constitution and democratic parliament which was amended in 1990. In 1990, the German Democratic Party becomes an ally of Federal Republic of Germany and after this reunion; Germany and EU became very friendly. The political parties in Germany are fighting against each other in every election but people of Germany remain dissatisfied from their political parties till World War 2. If we look at the current political scenario of Germany, we come across more frustration and disappointment among Germans related to their political policies and acts. The people of Germany do not feel that they are free nation and they can live their lives with freedom. The Germany got capitulated by Great Britain, USA and France and the eastern arena of Germany is occupied by the Soviets. The occupation seems to be very expensive to the Allies or Occupants and they decided to give Germany the currency, “Deutsche Mark”.

The first law made and implemented in the Germany was Shaef Law under which Germany’s Politics is running even today. This law basically makes Germany look like a librated, independent and sovereign country. Germans are supposed to act under the law which is being made for their country instead of the law of their country. Germany is not reunified in reality even today because eastern parts of Germany are still in supervision of polish administration. Germans are very confused about their political situation and they really do not know what is going on. USA is doing a dictatorship there while people believe that they live in a sovereign country.