Is Christianity Real

The rise of various religions and denomination has led to various questions about the realty of Christianity. There are several competing claims of facts in the world on the reality of Christianity which have left many people in a disgusting situation not knowing which spiritual beliefs and teaching they should follow. However, through the word of God, (bible) and the physical truth through Christ Jesus, these doubts can be eliminated.

Through Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ justified all his claims and is the only known being in human flesh, who never sinned before God. This makes him distinct from all other humankind. When Jesus was taken before Pontius Pilate to be judged, after Pilate questioning him he confirmed that there were no basis of charge against Jesus. Jesus carried the burden of everyone who came to him, did a lot of miracles, healing the sick, delivering those possessed with evil spirits and teaching the about the kingdom of most high God.

In his teachings, Jesus claimed to be God himself, a facts whichJewish enemies denied (John 10:30-33). The Jewish enemies knew very well these claims of Jesus and it was for this reason that they decided to kill him. Paul in the book of second Corinthians chapter five states that, God made Jesus who was sinless to die because of humankind so that whoever believes in him to receive salvation. God is righteous and Jesus proved that by living sinless life.

Miracles and Fulfillment of the Word

The use miracles are physical proves that Christianity is a reality. Since times of Moses, god has used Christianity to prove to the people that that he is with his servants. Through Moses, god demonstrated his power before the pharaoh until he accepted to let the Israelites to leave and worship their God. Through the power of God, the waters were divided to give way for the Israelites. In wilderness, he provided his people with food from heaven and water from a dry rock. Miracles act as powerful confirmation of the existence of spiritual Supreme Being which controls the universe which gives hope in Christianity and confirms that Christianity is real.

The word of God is another proof that Christianity is real. Everything that happens on the earth is written kin the bible. The happening that people see is the fulfillment of the word of God. The bible states that, the heaven and the earth shall pass but none of which was written shall go unfulfilled. Therefore, the daily happening proves the word of God to be true which proves the reality of the Christian faith.