Discuss the Question of Whether Islam is Compatible with Democracy

Is Islam compatible with democracy? To answer this question we must look at first what Islam is, and then at what democracy is. Is Islam too violent for democracy? Is democracy too set on individuality for Islam compatibility?

Islam is the Muslim belief in Allah, a religion that spread mostly by the sword in the first two centuries of its inception. Islam is split into sects with some holding more power than others; women are more of a commodity and get very little say in their treatment. The main focus of Islam is complete rule over the world. To gain this end Muslims will take converts by whatever means necessary, whether by word or the sword. They attack other religions and nations, sometimes by seeking political power in order to destroy their target from the inside out. Islam has been labeled by many as an aggressive religion that will never rest until the planet is under its rule.

Democracy is a form of government in where the people make the decisions. All eligible citizens are given the chance to participate in the government, whether directly or by electing a representative. The purpose for an ever-changing group being in charge is so that no one group will be in power long enough to corrupt the government. Men and women have the right to vote and if a number disagree with a law or plan of action their opinions are usually taken into account. The purpose of democracy is to serve the people, in accomplishing what is best for them in terms of rights, living accommodations and to help them aspire to be all that they can.

Therefore, Islam is not compatible with democracy. The Islamic religion is not interested in things like ‘freedom of speech’ or ‘freedom of religion’. Dissention against Islam is not tolerated, and those who disagree with Islam are put to the sword. Democracy thrives on the people speaking up and making their voices heard, once the people stop speaking then democracy fails. Islam would only use democracy as a tool to infiltrate a nation, and then cast it aside once they no longer need it. In order for Islam to be compatible with democracy, the religion would have to give up exactly what makes it Islam to do so. Given how long Islam has been in existence and has yet to change its ways, the possibility of it becoming democratic is non-existent.