The Complete Step-By-Step Instruction on How to Write Articles

Article writing seems like a complicated and time-consuming job that sometimes takes hours to figure out what happens next. You can hardly find an author who has not experienced procrastination at least several times. However, there are simple steps that you can follow in order to write articles fast without compromising the quality.

Step 1: Choose Your Topic

Select a topic that you are interested in. It is better to write about something that you have strong knowledge about. The topic should not be broad, as it is hard to cover all the aspects in a single article; so, you have to narrow down the topic. Be specific; for instance, focus on a beach vacation in Florida during springtime instead of writing about beach destinations worldwide.

You can easily narrow your topic down if you prepare a rough draft about everything you can come up with first, and then choose several aspects you want to describe in detail. These aspects will become the bare bones of your article.

Step 2: Consider the Interests of Your Audience

Imagine that you are the reader of your paper, and then try to describe the target audience, i.e. the readers you want to address. Select several questions that they would like you to answer, and make sure you provide necessary explanations in the text.

Step 3: Do Your Research

Every article should be based on facts and evidence. You can look for statistics, scientific definitions, quotes by famous people, references to reliable sources, etc. Take notes while you are reading and scanning documents, organize your notes later, and choose just the right details that you will use in your article. Finally, prepare a draft variant of the article and move on to the fourth step.

Step 4: Compact Your Article Draft

Consider your audience and compact the text. Add new information where necessary and cut details unrelated to the topic. Ask yourself if the article is specific, clearly written, and interesting to the readers. Your text should be precise and informative, but still readable and useful for non-professionals.

Step 5: Revise and Correct

Once you have completed your article, it is a good idea to read it aloud. You will notice some mismatches and poor sentences. You should correct everything and improve the text, and then check grammar and spelling mistakes. Sometimes, it is better to print it out to look for misprints. If you have such an option, it is better to give your article to a professional proofreader.