Analyze the tools used by specific interest groups to achieve their objectives

History has shown us that people have expressed their emotions and passions through specific interest groups to impact society as a whole. These groups set themselves challenging objectives, which they attempt to meet no matter what it takes. The objectives set by interest groups are often grand and attempt to change society. For example: fighting global warming, protecting animal rights, cleaning up the oceans, fighting for human rights etc. Driven by their eagerness, they are often able to transmit their message to the outside world, thus achieving their objectives.

This being set, these objectives can sometimes only be met by committing some reckless, risked, and illegal actions. This has been seen in the past in some remarkable cases. For example, in September 2013 some 30 Greenpeace activists boarded an Artic oil rig in Russia to protest against Artic drilling. The Russian authorities persecuted the activists and detained them for hooliganism. In December 2013, the five UK activists were freed and sent back to their home country. The campaign has made a significant impact on the world and Greenpeace’s message has certainly been transmitted. Upon arrival in the UK, the activists were surrounded by media and interviewed, spreading their message even further. Furthermore former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Pussy Riot have been released by the Russian authorities in the exact same week. This might be a sign of human rights improving in the nation. In some cases interest groups have gained so much support and ‘power’ that they have been recognized as a thread by some governments. For example, when the ‘Rainbow Warrior’, a Greenpeace owned ship, travelled to Mururoa in 1985 to protest against a French nuclear test, the French authorities sank it in Auckland. However, there are also some milder campaigns, which involve activists going out on the streets giving out flyers to people to convince them to join their interest groups.

Through great determination, passion, and by taking risks activists have been able to send out their message to the global community to achieve their objectives. Besides this, they are also involved in ‘normal’ campaigns to raise funds, gain popularity and get new members who share their vision or convince people of their vision. Overall interest groups have been able to reach out to the world and transmit their message, making the world a better place.