Professor's Advice: Good Topics to Write an Argumentative Essay on

There are times the professor will offer good information on how to develop a topic for argument essay writing. Some topics are off limits while others could use more attention. You may find your professor’s advice useful if they know your writing style and interests. Others may understand they type of content in particular the professor is looking for. With argumentative essay writing you need to remember the purpose of the assignment and how to present each side of the story without being lenient toward one side or another.

Understanding What Your Professor Expects from You

Your professor will help you meet or exceed academic expectations. So when it comes to assignments such as essay writing it helps to pay close attention. This means when guidelines are set you should review them carefully to avoid confusion. If you have the option to select a topic you can get tips from your instructor on what to right about. Ask if they have seen essays on certain topics and what they would like to see from you. This can give ideas on what topics to select and what to avoid when challenging yourself to do something different.

What Elements Make a Topic Good for an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essay writing may not involve taking one side. You need a topic you understand from all angles and then try to present the argument with evidence. It can be tempting to choose a topic like abortion. People have strong views about the concept but, this is a common area of writing. You can think about topics that may not be explored as much to write about. Think about something controversial and trending in the media. The idea is to select a hot topic people may argue about, but something you can fairly discuss views from both sides.

A Few Example Topics to Help You Get Started

Getting an idea on what to write about may help with example ideas. Your professor may give examples to help you under what material they want from you. Consider the following examples to help you get started finding the right topic for you.

  • Should kids have to do homework assignments?
  • Should the media not provide coverage for certain events and stories?
  • Do public schools need more regulations for testing?
  • You are better off speaking in person than using email or text via cellphone.
  • What things should not be shared or posted on social media?