How to Do a Strong Essay in a Day

Step 1: Work with your prompt.

If you are given a prompt, take some time to analyze it. Define the keywords in the prompt and what it is asking. The prompt question will have no more than two opposing arguments. You can write a paper that is either for or against it, but you have to present both sides. If you don’t have a prompt given to you, then it is up to you to find an argument or topic that has two debatable sides.

Step 2: Research your topic.

If your prompt has any words that you are unfamiliar with, define tem. Find out how the two sides are related to each other and how they differ. Try and find research sources from both parties involved.

Step 3: Pick a side.

You should make your mind up about this issue and take a side. You are going to be objective in the final paper, but you should also be decisive. Once you pick a side, you should still be open to new perspectives as they arise.

Step 4: Organize your arguments.

Create an outline to help you organize your arguments. List both sides of the argument, perhaps in a table format, with one column dedicated to one side of the argument, and another column dedicated to the other.

Step 5: Build your outline.

The outline needs to organize all of the supporting evidence you found. You should draft your introduction, where you introduce not only the issue but your viewpoint.

You should draft at least one paragraph for the position and one paragraph against it.

You should also draft a conclusion that synthesizes the arguments and reaffirms your claim.

Step 6: Add any supporting material in order to bulk out the outline.

Only use credible sources and cite them as appropriate. Present both sides in a neutral manner and use a lot of detail.

Step 7: Proofread your essay.

Look over it for any mistakes and make sure you remained neutral and of course, supportive of both sides in the argument. Try and give yourself one day away from the paper entirely after finishing your draft. Return the next day and look over it. This will ensure your mind is refreshed and that you are able to find mistakes that you may have otherwise overlooked.